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TakoKichi  #017


Tako Kichi roughly translates to 'kite crazy,' but the word kichi can also refer to joy and enthusiasm. In that sense, tako kichi is a saying that refers to people who are fantastically passionate about kites … perhaps a little more than the average population!”   

                                                            > source: wikipedia

that been said,

This is a collection of beach bags, pouches and clutches,

made of used kites. They come from all around the globe.

They wear stories of salty winds, choppy waves, sunbeams, raindrops, puffy clouds.. 


Limited edition.

Each item is unique -just like you- as hand/passion made.

Has its very own hand-stamped tag and comes with its unique serial number.  


Long story short,

You are wearing a piece of art! 


TakoKichi #017

€ 135,00Price
Color: magenta
  • TakoKichi  #017

    Neon magenta&lime / FlexFoil


    sizes are approximate: 

    bag 40x55cm

    total lenght incl starp 95cm  

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