"LOVE ME" vase XL


words of poem

‘Love Guards The Roses Of Thy Lips’

(Phillis)  by Thomas Lodge 1558-1625


Floor-Standing Vase

1,00 x 0,30 m



Solid, baked ceramic base / acrylics, gels, sprays, high-gloss varnish


UV (ultraviolet) acrylic paint and sprays make it ..

Glow in the dark 


Love Me Vase XL

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€ 550,00Price
  • Floor standing XL decorative vase 


    Ceramic base 

    painted with UV acrylics & sprays

    sealed with UV gloss varnish 

    Glows in the Dark 


    size : 100cm x 30 diamtr


  • Due to its fragility this item can only be delivered after communication with the client. 

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