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As an artist, has presented her work in team and solo exhibitions around Europe and has participated in numerous museum and art association projects.

“Art is… if it makes you feel”

This Greek born, Netherlands dwelling artist’s multidimensional character and background has shaped a remarkable and exotic career.

Her aesthetic contribution to the world of art has produced a spectrum of works from a vast range of environments, making her one of Europe’s most interesting and provocative artists.

Throughout the years of her evolving career, Nicole’s inquiring mind and hunger for life have driven her to diversify her exquisite interests and talents. Over time she has enhanced her experience through training and work in many other facets of the artistic cosmos.

Her eclectic creative talent is clearly defined in her portfolio of diversified projects.

The scope of her conceptual contributions encompass artistic endeavours which alternate within the worlds of exotic painting, fashion, visual production, styling, music, theatre, film, décor and interior design.

Multilingual, multicultural as multidimensional, having travelled the globe from a child, now splits her time between the cosmopolitan city of Rotterdam/Holland and picturesque island of Paros in Cyclades, Greece.

There is nothing traditional about Nicole Van Houweninge /P.  She has been bestowed a creative talent and a multifarious psyche. This alluring combination has produced a seductive composer of generating and captivating art for the world to enjoy.

You can feel the vitality and Mediterranean character through this exciting artist’s explosive work.

Bold imagination and intense expression ; sometimes figurative, others abstract, time after time the traces she leaves are meant to carve emotions and stimulate new feelings and sentiments.

Constantly challenging, escaping the borders of the ordinary, sometimes stomping her stubborn feet, some others, a tight-rope walker on a thin line, flowing insouciantly amongst dreams and tales and surreal realities.

“Vital ingredients in my life and composition of work are beauty,

lust, passion, energy, contrasts, wrath, fantasy and humor. 

All of these elements help to shape the abstract form of being.

Inhaling feelings, exhaling art" 



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